The 3 Effective Ways For A Woman To Survive The Air National Guard

The training to become an Air National Guard is difficult. There are a lot of men who fails due to the tedious kind of training that they have to go through. If you will think about it, it is much harder to pass the training if you are a woman. Don’t worry because here are some useful ways on how a woman can ace the training and survive to be the next Air National Guard. Check it out.

1. Start physical training ahead of time

It is a must if you want to make things easier for yourself once you are in the training proper. Do push ups and sit ups. The more you can do the better. It is because when you are in training, there will be a lot more of that. Most of the time, it is unexpected as one team member may have done something wrong, but all of you will be punished.

2. Practice more water intake

When you start with the training, there will be no juice or soda available. Almost all of the time, they will tell you to drink water. It will happen before meals, while you are eating and after eating. It could also happen when you are about to start with some of the exercises. Drinking lots of water may be though for some who is not used to drinking a lot. Practice makes you better so start preparing.

3. Practice eating fast

Some women often take time when eating but once you are on the training ground, every second count. You need to be able to eat fast so you can keep up with the others. If you can’t eat fast enough, it will result to low energy on your part because you will not be able to finish your food.

Just take note of the three effective ways, and you will have no problem in completing the training with flying colors.

The 4 Steps On How To Be A Pilot For Air National Guard

Individuals who join the Air National Guard often have a dream to be flying one of the aircraft used by the reserve force. However, it is not easy as there are a lot of things that you have to do. Check out the steps on how you can be one of the pilots for the Air National Guard of the United States.

1. Complete the preliminary requirements

There are various things that you have to prepare as the first step to becoming a pilot. One of them is that you should have gone through the training to be a pilot even before you reach thirty. There is a physical exam that you need to pass. Aside from that, you should be a four-year degree holder. You should also possess an experience when it comes to flying.

2. Take all the necessary tests needed

If you want to be a pilot for the Air National Guard, the passion you have for flying is not enough. There are a couple of tests that needs to be completed. You need to take AFOQT or Air Force Qualifying Officer Test. It will test your academic skills though it is more inclined on the technical aspect. Aside from that, you also need to pass the Test of Basic Aviation Skills. It is like a practical exam, and there will be just a couple of question in the end.

3. Get your PCSM

You will not be able to get this Pilot Candidate Selection Member number if you fail the Basic Aviation Skills test. Through this number, your performance during the training will be assessed.

4. Find a unit and apply

Among the three steps indicated, finding a group seemed to be the easiest, but it’s not. There are a lot of people applying for the position, and that means the competition is fierce. It is highly recommended to apply for different units, so you will have a better chance of getting hired.

If you can complete all these steps, you are one step closer to your dream in becoming a pilot for the Air National Guard.

The 3 Great Tips That You Should Follow Before Your Military Training

If you have decided to join the military, expect that it will not be an easy path. There will be a lot of things and hardships that you will have to go through. If you want to succeed, check out these great tips that you can follow before you start your training with the military.

1. Do not be the center of attention

When you get ready for the military training, make sure to pack all the things that you would need in basic colors. It could either be black or brown, and that’s it. You do not want to get to do push-ups on the first time you meet your instructor, right? Make sure to keep a low profile. Aside from that, the branded things are a big no. You should be able to blend in.

2. Mark your things

In a military training facility, it is common that there are a lot of stuff that would go missing. It is due to a lot of things. The best thing that you can do is mark your belongings with a black marker with your name. Luck may be on your side, and you will always know which your belongings are.

3. Quit your vices

Start preparing yourself even before you set foot in the training camp. If you are a chain smoker or a heavy drinker, better start quitting as soon as possible as it is for your benefit. There is no smoking and drinking allowed in training camp, so better have all the withdrawal issues while you are still out rather than having it as a problem when you start your training.

These are the three tips that you should follow if you want to achieve success in military training. Following these tips will also make your life easier while you are in the training facilities.