The 3 Effective Ways For A Woman To Survive The Air National Guard

The training to become an Air National Guard is difficult. There are a lot of men who fails due to the tedious kind of training that they have to go through. If you will think about it, it is much harder to pass the training if you are a woman. Don’t worry because here are some useful ways on how a woman can ace the training and survive to be the next Air National Guard. Check it out.

1. Start physical training ahead of time

It is a must if you want to make things easier for yourself once you are in the training proper. Do push ups and sit ups. The more you can do the better. It is because when you are in training, there will be a lot more of that. Most of the time, it is unexpected as one team member may have done something wrong, but all of you will be punished.

2. Practice more water intake

When you start with the training, there will be no juice or soda available. Almost all of the time, they will tell you to drink water. It will happen before meals, while you are eating and after eating. It could also happen when you are about to start with some of the exercises. Drinking lots of water may be though for some who is not used to drinking a lot. Practice makes you better so start preparing.

3. Practice eating fast

Some women often take time when eating but once you are on the training ground, every second count. You need to be able to eat fast so you can keep up with the others. If you can’t eat fast enough, it will result to low energy on your part because you will not be able to finish your food.

Just take note of the three effective ways, and you will have no problem in completing the training with flying colors.

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